Tips on backpacking to Paris, France

When you travel in abroad there are a lot of things that you should consider in order to make your journey become unforgettable. Since Paris in France is one of the top destinations of many tourist because of its amazing Eiffel Tower that attracts people to go there. Not only the Eiffel tower but a lot of beautiful places are in there. If you are one of the people that wonders to be in France, here is a tip for you to prepare yourself going there.

Make sure to have an extra budget in going out of the country. It is better to have an extra to be able to fill up your needs when you go there. There are a lot of activities that you should want to experience there that’s why you should ensure that you have enough budget to use. Also, do not bring a lot of extra clothes because you do not need that. Paris has a lot of boutique that you can shop in a cheap price. We all know that new stuffs is nice. So you should buy extra clothes already there for you to use it. Think of it as remembrance.

Prepare your money in cash also, because some establishments in there like restaurants, coffee shops or groceries are not accepting cards but only cash. So make sure that you have cash money on your wallet just to be prepared. Since it is your first time to go in Paris, don’t forget to bring your camera and capture all the places that you have been as a remembrance also.