Beautiful Sceneries in France

Let’s view the most stunning treasure in France!


Parc National des Calanques. This place is the most famous tourist attractions in France and the most visited place. There is no doubt because water and mountain exists at the same time. In fact all people want to play in water.

Palais Longchamp. One of the most beautiful art gallery museums in France in the Palais Longchamp in Marseille. It is the oldest museums in Marseille that contains the most beautiful works of people  in the Provencal Period. The elegant exterior of the palace makes you think of how artistic French people are.


Eifel Tower. There is no doubt that it is the most glorious place in the entire country when it comes to construction. Lovers come to take a picture here.

The Louvre. This museum is the largest museum in the world having a beautiful exterior and shape. It is the most historic museum too in France regarding arts, science and technology.


Ochre Trail. This place gives us the amazing work of body. You can do an amazing exercise here. Hiking is the most way we can experience the beauty of the place because it is the way we can appreciate the beauty of the nature.


Lavender Fields. It is the most beautiful field in the country. With its color, you can feel the love from nature and its refreshing view can relieve the stress.

Promenade de la Torse. This an amazing park full of green grasses. It is very clean and has fresh air for all visitors to breathe in. Of course, when there are many people, the park will be a little bit inconvenient for most of the visitors.