A Look at French Culture

France is a den of cultural diversity like other nations. The proof can be found in Paris where there is no certain culture that is absolute. This reason can be squeezed out from the fact that Paris is the center of tourism industry where many people from different cultures came into the place and settled there for good. Of course, there are also many people from different nations migrated there and introduced there culture there. A historians say that the country bears the culture of Celts, Greeks, Romans and Asians. The Celts are the English Empire now. In fact, English and French exchanged cultures and language in during the Revolution  era.

Of course, French is the national language but there are variations of each regional language due to the influence of other nations.

An example of their culture is the chivalry of men. Men are suppose to regard women  as the glory of the land. The ‘knight in shining armour’ is in this land during the earlier times of France (no comment about today’s time).

For women, they are suppose to stay as good wives and work at home, help husband in taking charge of the family obligation especially in rearing children.

Dances. Latin dances are very familiar in this place. Recreational dances such as Waltz, polka, bourree, mazurka are the official national dances of the natives.

Regarding food, if you notice, their classic foods have a wine mixed in it. It is because wine is one of the nation’s pride. Example of food includes Coq au vin and Jambon persillé.

With the dressing, they are similar with all the Celtic nations like England and Spain. Women use dress with aprons while men use pants that loose on the thigh part and thin on the legs part.